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El Gran (LP) - Rene Grand

Titel : El Gran (LP)

Artiest(en) : Rene Grand

Genre : Vinyl: LPs nieuw

Medium : Vinyl

Jaar : 1966

Label : Seeco

€ 16,90


Rene Grand y su Combo New York, canta Frankie Rodriguez, 1966 on Seeco, reïssue.
A dozen hard early 60s Latin numbers – performed by Rene Grand and his combo, with some occasional vocals by Frankie Rodriguez – but also a number of great instrumentals with a sweet jazzy finish! The groove is very strong, with lots of mambo jazz in the mix, and a hard New York groove that really keeps the set lively – especially on the numbers that feature some smoking sax work! There`s a bit of charanga moderna playing by the group, which creates some cool rhythms on the best cuts – and the album`s a very unified session overall.  
1. Ahora, No Pare     
2. Chacho     
3. Merengue Cachita     
4. Capullito De Aleli     
5. Sabroson     
6. Siga La Gente     
1. Go-Go Mambo     
2. Cool     
3. Tengo Que Acostumbrarme     
4. Nardos Andaluces     
5. Carmen     
6. Going Cha-Cha