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El Explosivo (LP) - Justo Betancourt

Titel : El Explosivo (LP)

Artiest(en) : Justo Betancourt

Genre : Vinyl: LPs nieuw

Medium : Vinyl

Jaar : 1968

Label : Fania

€ 19,99


Reïssue from this fine 1968 LP, Fania-352. Produced by Johnny Pacheco, arreglos de Javier Vazquez/Bobby Valentin.

1. Da Cara A Tu Vida (4:17)
2. El Lenguaje De Las Flores (3:16)
3. No Estas En Nada (3:13)
4. Delirio De Grandeza (3:25)
5. Me Perdiste Para Siempre (3:06)
1. Yira-Yira (3:10)
2. El Mensajero (5:30)
3. Mi Cuba Bella (3:46)
4. Me Duele El Corazon (3:15)
5. Palabra De Carino (4:01)

Swinging solo debut for Betancourt, who at the time was one of Sonora Matancera`s lead vocalists. Although he would become a highly successful salsa singer on his own right (four years later, with Pa Bravo Yo), this is a superb sample of the Betancourt personality and imposing skill that would give him notoriety in the years to come.
Betancourt`s debut on Fania is an array of musical styles ranging from boleros, to Cuban son and even boogaloo-ish songs. Arrangements were done by the nomadic Javier Vazquez and Bobby Valentin. There are boogaloo tracks here like "Yira, Yira" that sound strikingly similar to the sound in Valentin`s "Young Man with a Horn." The album does have several great songs like "De Cara a Tu Vida", "El Lenguaje de Flores" and an ode to his native land "Mi Cuba Bella." "No Estas En Nada" is a different version from the one recorded on Distinto y Diferente.