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El Carretero (LP) - Guillermo Portabales

Titel : El Carretero (LP)

Artiest(en) : Guillermo Portabales

Genre : Vinyl: LPs nieuw, Cuba

Medium : Vinyl

Jaar : 10-2019

Label : World Circuit

€ 23,99


El Carretero, klassieke opnames op World Circuit label van GUILLERMO PORTABALES, de troubadour van het Cubaanse platteland met prachtige, authentieke guajira-son. Een van de mooiste son-guajira opnames, die er voorradig zijn.
Eindelijk nu (2019) ook op een prachtige remastered 180 gram vinyl LP. De remastered CD versie eveneens leverbaar.
Rustic but beautifully recorded compilation of acoustic `guajira de salon` from one of Cuba`s most widely covered songwriters, both in Cuba and West Africa. His 42 year career was cut short in 1970.
Guitar-backed guajiras seem to be this year`s thing. Portabales (1911-1970) was one of the greatest composers and singers of the rural-nostalgia guajira, a singularly beautiful rhythm and style. You may not know him, but aficionados hold him in awe. This is simply ravishing stuff.
A1. El Carretero
A2. Cumbiamba
A3. Junto a un Ca averal
A4. Nostalgia Guajira
A5. Tristeza Guajira
A6. Yo te Canto Puerto Rico
A7. Lamento Cubano
A8. Guateque Campesino
B9. Oye mi Son
B10. Al Vaivén de mi Carreta
B11. Voy a Santiago a Morirme
B12. Romance Guajiro
B13. El amor de mi Bohí­o
B14. El Arroyo que Murmura
B15. Cuando Salí de Cuba
B16. Flor de Amor

His voice, and particularly his guitar technique, improved greatly with experience. This is quite clear from the recordings in his fifties, represented by World Circuit WCD 023 Guillermo Portabales, El Carretero. This includes examples from his three recording sessions in the 1960s

For the quality of his voice, its purity and its subtle evocation of emotion, and the exceptionally high calibre of his guitar technique – which is certainly worth attention by young musicians – Portabales must be rated as a performer of the highest calibre even given the unusually high standards of Cuban popular music.

His style is on the Spanish side of creole in contrast to many other Cuban trova performers in the 20th century: his music is clearly in the tradition of the old Spanish-descent countryside people, the guajiros. His repertoire was originally wide, but he came to specialize in guajira-sons and laments, together with some guaracha-sons. With his smooth style, he was known as the creator of la guajira de salón