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El Callegüeso y su Malamaña (LP) - La Mambanegra

Titel : El Callegüeso y su Malamaña (LP)

Artiest(en) : La Mambanegra

Genre : Vinyl: LPs nieuw

Medium : Vinyl

Jaar : 03-2017

Label : Movimientos

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LA MAMBANEGRA - El Callegüeso y su Malamaña op vinyl LP inclusief download code. Ook op CD leverbaar
Negen-koppig orkest uit Cali, Colombia met mix van salsa-funk-hiphop, hun aanpak doet soms aan LA-33 denken.
1. Puro Potenkem (feat. Maite Hontele) (6:05)
2. El Sabor de la Guayaba (5:12)
3. Cantare (feat. Eddy Martinez) (4:51)
4. La Compostura (3:42)
5. La Fokin Bomba (4:04)
6. El Blues de Yemaya (4:43)
7. Kool and the Mamba (4:04)
8. Me Parece Perfecto (5:47)
9. Malembe (4:15)
10. Barrio Caliente (5:16)

From the updated traditional songs of Choc Quib Town to the electro-pop-folk of Bomba Estéreo, Colombian musicians have specialised in cheerfully upbeat fusion, and La Mambanegra (The Black Mamba) continue the tradition. A nine-piece orchestra from Santiago de Cali, they call their style “Colombian break salsa”, a mixture of furiously energetic salsa dance songs with funk or Caribbean influences, along with R&B or jazz-edged brass and keyboard lines. It’s a rousing and entertaining style, as they show from the start with Puro Potenkem, which matches full-tilt vocals against tight brass lines, or La Compostura, in which they blend salsa with hip-hop. Elsewhere, there are stomping riffs on El Malembe and Jamaican-influenced vocals on Kool and the Mamba. But there’s classy musicianship at work behind the frenzy, as band-leader and saxophonist Jacobo Velez proves on the slower tracks, where he eases his band towards Latin jazz. (review by Guardian, Thursday 2 March 2017)