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El Bravo Soy Yo (LP) - Willie Rosario

Titel : El Bravo Soy Yo (LP)

Artiest(en) : Willie Rosario

Genre : Vinyl: LPs nieuw

Medium : Vinyl

Jaar : 1963

Label : Survival Research

€ 21,99


2020 reïssue from Willie Rosario`s 1963 LP

Puerto Rican composer, bandleader and percussionist Willie Rosario was a giant of Latin music, known as Senor Afinque or Mr. Tight for the strength of his musical arrangements.
Born in Coamo in 1930, Rosario had already formed the Coamex band, prior to his emigration to New York in 1947, where he played in various orchestras, forming his own band in Spanish Harlem in 1959 and also presenting a Spanish-language music show on radio
station WADO. Signing to Alegre in 1962, he began touring widely, the label issuing this sought-after debut in 1963; mixing covers and original, the hot salsa here features the dulcet tones of lead singer, Frankie Figueroa.
1. Buscando Guaguanco (2:45)
2. Eres Todo Para Mi (2:45)
3. Dame Tu Amor Morenita (2:57)
4. Dejame Estar Contigo (2:30)
5. Lagrimas Negras (2:55)
1. Mereces Que Te Quiera (2:30)
2. Guaguanco Bonito (2:35)
3. Dicelo A El (2:40)
4. El Bravo Soy Yo (2:57)
5. Te Amo En Silencio (2:35)