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El Alimento (LP) - Cimafunk

Titel : El Alimento (LP)

Artiest(en) : Cimafunk

Genre : Vinyl: LPs nieuw

Medium : Vinyl

Jaar : 10-2021

Label : Terapia

€ 28,99


CIMAFUNK - El Alimento, 2022 vinyl release from 2021 album.

El Alimento (translation: the nutrient) is the monumental second album (CD) from Cimafunk, the Cuban medical-student-turned-Latin-funk-star who crash-landed onto the music scene with his debut album Terapia in 2017 and an electric live show that been compared to that of James Brown. The sonically dynamic collection masterfully blends Afro-Cuban sounds and rhythms with global funk, hip hop and soul—resulting in a progressive, head-bopping celebration of black music’s power to eclipse borders and cross-pollinate across cultures. Written and recorded over the last year, the album served as an alimento for the soul, a motivation to persevere through the pandemic, as Cimafunk spent countless hours studying decades of musical influences to help understand who he is musically and culturally, and thus, where he wanted this album to take him.

There are two sides to the Cuban artist Erik Iglesias Rodríguez, who performs as Cimafunk. "Cima" is an homage to the cimarrón, a word that refers to Cubans of African descent who escaped enslavement. And "funk," he says, "because you got all the African roots that came to the United States and transformed gospel [and] the blues to get funk."
A1. Funk Aspirin
B2. Rómpelo (feat. Lupe Fiasco)
3. Te Quema la Bemba
4. Caramelo
5. Esto Es Cuba
6. La Noche
7. Salvaje (feat. Lester Snell)
8. El Reparto
9. Estoy Pa` Eso
10. Sal de Lo Malo
11. La Era del Sazón
12. No Me Alcanza (feat. Los Papines)
13. Como Te Descargo

As innovative funk forefather George Clinton (Parliament-Funkadelic), who sings alongside Cimafunk on the opening track "Funk Aspirin," says: “Cimafunk takes it back there while keeping it in the now. It’s what we do, always reinventing the Funk to keep it fresh.”