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Cumbias Y Boogaloos (LP) - Tito Chicoma

Titel : Cumbias Y Boogaloos (LP)

Artiest(en) : Tito Chicoma

Genre : Vinyl: LPs nieuw

Medium : Vinyl

Jaar : 10-2022

Label : Vampisoul

€ 26,99


Vampisoul 2022 vinyl reïssue from this very rare 1968 album by Tito Chicoma y su Orquesta "Cumbias Y Boogaloos" on Mag label. 180 gram vinyl.
A1. La Cebolla (2:16)
A2. Mr. Trumpet Man (3:16)
A3. El Diri Bop (3:03)
A4. A que tú no sabes (2:42)
A5. Felipón (2:38)
B1. Pata Pata Pelada (3:12)
B2. La Contamanina (2:38)
B3. Plaza de Toros (2:44)
B4. La Cigüeña (2:26)
B5. Dale "U" (2:33)

Peruvian trumpet player Tito Chicoma dedicated his 1968 LP on MAG to recording two fashionable rhythms at the time: "Cumbias Y Boogaloos”.
Although Colombian cumbia had gained popularity much earlier, Boogaloo in Peru was championed primarily by the MAG record label, which kept its listeners abreast of tropical music developments in New York, releasing and distributing records by Alegre Records and recording versions of hit songs.
An extremely rare and obscure tropical gem loaded with dance floor tunes, reissued now for the first time.