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Cumbia Sabrosa (vinyl) - various

Titel : Cumbia Sabrosa (vinyl)

Artiest(en) : various

Genre : Vinyl: LPs nieuw

Medium : Vinyl

Jaar : 04-2022

Label : Rocafort

€ 39,99


Cumbia Sabrosa: Tropical Sound System Bangers from the Discos Fuentes Vaults 1961-1981 on 3 x 7" vinyl. Last copy!
1. Clímaco Sarmiento Y Su Orquesta - Cumbia Sabrosa (2:21)
2. Michi Sarmiento Y Su Combo - Cumbia Raja (3:03)
3. Afrosound - Tiro Al Blanco (2:50)
4. Los Golden Boys - Se Trabó La Banda (2:09)
5. Peyo Torres Y Sus Diablos Del Ritmo - La Veterana (2:44)
6. Peyo Torres Y Sus Diablos Del Ritmo - Lucy (2:46)
With this new set, Rocafort dig deep into the vaults of the fabled Colombian label Discos Fuentes to bring you six vintage tropical sound system bangers in the cumbia genre. It just so happens that all six of these tracks are considered classics in the Mexican “sonidero” scene and have been since the 1970s. It’s not hard to see why, since they will make everyone dance whether they know what a cumbia is or not. However most of the original 45s from that era are either very hard to find, far too expensive, or have been abused (some with the center labels erased), so here we present with this collection your very own sonidero “crate starter” with remastered sound and liner notes that tell the story behind the tracks