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Colombiana (LP) - Nino de Elche

Titel : Colombiana (LP)

Artiest(en) : Nino de Elche

Genre : Vinyl: LPs nieuw, Flamenco

Medium : Vinyl

Jaar : 07-2019

Label : Sony

€ 17,99


Niño de Elche: visionary musician, accidental activist, sound troubadour, nonconformist. His new work looks at the influence of Latin America on flamenco music.
A classically trained flamenco musician, Francisco Contreras Molina routinely turns his ear to alternative styles, traditions and perspectives. His music has opened minds over the years in his presentation of flamenco as an accessible and living art, in finding political links between the most essential ideas, and through using the dexterity of his throat and body to make music.
Previous collaborations have seen El Niño experimenting with alt-rock group Toundra on their joint album as Exquirla, Para Quienes Aún Viven, an epic journey into post-rock flamenco; with improv band Seidagada on Las Malditas Órdenes del Coronel, and in his Francis Bacon-inspired show ‘Vaconbacon, Cantar las Fuerzas’ together with the collective Bulos y Tanguerías. This year he’s even collaborated on the satirically honey-sweet Latin-inspired track ‘Veneno’ with C. Tangana, one of Spain’s biggest commercial rappers.
As the most recent album’s name suggests, Colombiana is an exploration into the deeper links between flamenco and Colombian and other Latin music styles. African rhythms travelled along with people and produce to be introduced into Spain, where they found themselves adding sabor and ritmo to flamenca guajiras, milongas, the soleá, seguiriya and of course the fandango. Colombiana is thus a continuation of the fascinating journey between these two worlds which hasn’t been much explored over the years. “Colombiana Vasca”, for example, presents Bilbao as a hub of movement and ideas. The track is a cacao-port cumbia featuring vocals from the revered Basque poet Maialen Lujanbio.
The album is a 37 minute-long trip: satirical, shocking, humorous and experimental. I would be lying if I said it were a completely enjoyable experience. It is at times jolted, gratingly repetitive, ugly and tongue-in-cheek, but mostly very interesting. This is an album for active listening.
The writing and production of Eblis Álvarez (Meridian Brothers, Los Pirañas) rings clear and assured on each track of the album. His artistry and intuition in the more psychedelic, electric and exotic sounds encourage and flirt with El Niño’s freakiest side.

A1 El Muermo
A2 El Pregón De Los Caramelos
A3 Oración Militar
A4 Los Esclavos
A5 Cabales Americanas
B1 Tangos De La Ayahuasca
B2 Peteneras Mexicanas
B3 Ni Chicha Ni Limoná
B4 Colombiana Vasca
B5 Flor-Canto
A1 - Media Soleá, soleá al galope, bulería y bullerengue.
A2 - Pregón, canción asturiana, zapateado (versión cubana) y son montuno.
A3 - Fox, marcha libre, marcha militar y colombiana de Pepe Marchena.
A4 - Canción colonial, palabras retorneadas de Moisés (versión el Alosno), currulao colombia o, ritmos festefos del Perú y afro (ternario).
A5 - Seguiriyas Cabales, jíbaro y merengue venezolano.
B1 - Tangos flamencos, tangos gitanos y tangos americanos, trilla de huaylarsh.
B2 - Petenera judía, petenera mexicana, petenera chica y petenera grande.
B3 - Tiento, tango, rumba, tanguillo parao de Cádiz y guarapo de Barranquilla.
B4 - Vertxo, zortzico y cumbia clásica colombiana.
B5 - Tonás, trillas y cantos de vaquería colombianos.