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Carruseles (LP) - Afrosound

Titel : Carruseles (LP)

Artiest(en) : Afrosound

Genre : Vinyl: LPs nieuw

Medium : Vinyl

Jaar : 05-2023

Label : Vampisoul

€ 26,99


Afrosound "Carruseles", 2023 Vampisoul 180 gram vinyl reïssue from 1974 Discos Fuentes release.
Afrosound’s third full-length LP is a sought-after collector’s record because it’s full of funky, crazy tropical afro-psychedelia with a reputation for being one of Discos Fuentes freakiest releases of the 1970s. With vintage synths, fuzz-wah guitar and Fruko’s heavy bass, “Carruseles” is a wild carousel ride of cumbia and salsa that has now been lovingly reissued in replica form for today’s Colombian music connoisseurs to rediscover. First time reissue. 180g vinyl.
A1. Rapsodia del Chinito (3:07)
A2. Carruseles (3:29)
A3. Zaire Pop (3:34)
A4. Me voy de la vida (3:42)
A5. Salsa con tabaco (5:01)
B6. La negra Saramuya (3:03)
B7. Banana de queso (3:17)
B8. Baila Felipe (3:46)
B9. Negua (2:52)
B10. Ponchito de colores (2:41)
B11. Mi soncito (3:12)

Afrosound was Colombia’s reaction to the early 1970′s Chicha movement that was happening in Peru and Bolivia at the time. José María Fuentes saw the popularity of this new type of hybrid cumbia sound and thus created a sort of Discos Fuentes super group.
Produced by Julio Estrada (Fruko El Bueno), Afrosound not only incorporated the Andean guitar laden sound, but mixed in some funk, salsa/son, tropical, disco, and afro colombian rhythms to boot. The result being cumbia party albums from start to finish.