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Camino Al Mar (LP) - Acid Coco

Titel : Camino Al Mar (LP)

Artiest(en) : Acid Coco

Genre : Vinyl: LPs nieuw

Medium : Vinyl

Jaar : 02-2022

Label : El Palmas

€ 25,00


Tweede release van ACID COCO, bestaande uit Andrea Olarte Toro & Paulo Olarte Toro. Colombia, 2022 release

From cumbia to reggaeton, Camino Al Mar is a buffet of texture and tone, mixing traditional instrumentation with glowing synth work and all-around clean recording and tasteful presentation. Acid Coco’s music is modern, but it isn’t cashing in on prevailing trends for the sake of accessibility. In fact, as in the case of closer “Por las Venas,” the duo performs what sounds like a mix between traditional Caribbean and African compositions with a xylophone gently resonating against some electric guitar lines and hand percussion. Within the scope of Camino Al Mar, it’s a quaint finish.
At every turn, Camino Al Mar throws something new at the listener, and even if the energy more or less remains consistent for the runtime, it’s worth listening if just to see how Acid Coco flips the traditional dance styles for an era where music thrives on collaboration and emulation. At first, this sentiment might sound counterintuitive or even sacrilegious, but both Olarte Toros ooze passion for the cultures to which they pay homage.

1. Hoy Como Siempre (4:12)
2. Mundo De Mentira (2:39)
3. Cara Dura (3:32)
4. Todo Me Lleva a Ti (3:13)
5. Soñando (4:02)
6. Anhelos (3:27)
1. Cuando Estás Junto a Mi (3:23)
2. Más Claro Que el Agua (2:59)
3. Casilda (3:16)
4. Aquí y Allá (2:56)
5. Soy La Fuerza (3:35)
6. Tanto Tiempo (3:38)