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Buenos Hermanos (LP) - Ibrahim Ferrer

Titel : Buenos Hermanos (LP)

Artiest(en) : Ibrahim Ferrer

Genre : Vinyl: LPs nieuw, Cuba

Medium : Vinyl

Jaar : 2003

Label : World Circuit

€ 26,99


Buenos Hermanos van Ibrahim Ferrer, produced in Havana by Ry Cooder, is het 2003 album, nu (2016)  uitgebracht op 180 gram vinyl LP inclusief download card
Buenos Hermanos is Ibrahim Ferrer`s fine follow-up to his gorgeous solo album (Buena Vista Social Club presents Ibrahim Ferrer, 1999) and enlists the talents of many good musical brothers. The Cubans, Cachaito Lopez and Chucho Valdés form the bedrock with bass and piano, Manuel Galbán laces in electric guitar, Flaco Jimenez squeezes his accordion while The Blind Boys of Alabama`s backing blends beautifully with Ferrer`s boleros, ballads and sultry son tunes.
Under Ry Cooder`s production, Buenos Hermanos is yet another example of how a personal passion and respect for the music guarantees great results. It also consolidates the world-wide revolution of Cuban son brought about by the now legendary multimillion-selling Buena Vista recordings which launched the septuagenarian singer internationally.
1. Boquiñeñe
2. Buenos Hermanos
3. La Música Cubana
4. Guaguancó Callejero
5. Naufragio
6. Como el arrullo de palma
7. Perfume de gardenias
8. Mil congojas
9. Hay que entrarle a palos a ése
10. No tiene telaraña
11. Fuiste cruel
12. Boliviana