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Boogaloo In Apartment 41 (LP) - Ozzie Torrens

Titel : Boogaloo In Apartment 41 (LP)

Artiest(en) : Ozzie Torrens

Genre : Vinyl: LPs nieuw

Medium : Vinyl

Jaar : 1968

Label : El Sonido

€ 25,00


1968 monster Latin jazz and boogaloo recording (reïssue) on El Sonido. Featuring a great Latin lineup that includes Louie Ramirez on vibes, Charlie Palmieri on piano, and Manny Duran on trumpet – all swinging in very soulful formation, and going for the stripped-down small combo sound that the Spanish Harlem kids were using on the indie labels at the time! The tracks are all instrumentals – with heavy duty playing all the way through, and loads of rhythmic tracks that are peppered with some sock-solid jazzy solo work!
 Ozzie Torrens And His Exciting Orchestra
The album was almost certainly recorded in late 1966, making it part of the first wave of boogaloo LPs recorded. Torrens was one of three Latin soul artists that Decca producer Richard Marin (aka Bobby Marin’s brother) brought to the label around 1966 1 Notably, playing piano on this: Charlie Palmieri who dabbled in boogaloo himself even though, reportedly, he (and especially brother Eddie) found the style to be beneath them.
“Mia’s Boogaloo” wasn’t just arranged by Ramirez; he wrote it too. It has a sassy swing to it and all said, is more of a mambo than a classic boogaloo but regardless, it smokes. In contrast, “Day Tripper” couldn’t be anything else than a boogaloo: you got that signature Beatles’ riff plus other R&B elements but with an Afro-Cuban makeover. Love how this one opens – salvaje!

Side A:
A1. Strangers In The Night     
A2. Mia’s Boogaloo     
A3. Day Tripper     
A4. Cool Jerk     
A5. Way Out Mambo     
Side B:
B1. Boogaloo In Apt. 41     
B2. Yesterday     
B3. Tijuana Grass     
B4. Ozzaboo     
B5. These Boots Are Made For Walkin`