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Ay Que Boogaloo (LP) - Spanglish Fly

Titel : Ay Que Boogaloo (LP)

Artiest(en) : Spanglish Fly

Genre : Vinyl: LPs nieuw

Medium : Vinyl

Jaar : 02-2018

Label : Chaco World Music

€ 19,90


Lekkere mix van soul, salsa ofwel boogaloo uit New York op de vinyl LP "Ay Que Boogaloo!", februari 2018 release, met daarop o.a. een heel leuke cover van Amy Winehouse "You Know I`m No Good" waarin eerste deel Engels gezongen bolero, dat overgaat in Spaanstalige salsa. Alleraardigst.

SPANGLISH FLY, the critically acclaimed 11-piece Latin boogaloo group, has confirmed details on their upcoming album Ay Que Boogaloo!, due out February 18th, 2018 on Chaco World Music. vinyl LP.
And now its new album, Ay Que Boogaloo, stretches that infectious sound with genre-bending interplays between bolero, New Orleans funk, swing jazz, Arabic chant, doo-wop and more. In an interview from New York he says, "We`re showing that boogaloo is a flexible genre, not just Latin and soul music. It`s jazz and hip-hop and other things, with the complexities of Afro-Cuban rhythms."
The 12-piece Spanglish Fly`s modern twist on boogaloo explodes with creativity, slick arrangements and gorgeous double-lead-vocals by Mariella Gonzalez and Paloma Muñoz. There`s so much happening, yet it`s seamless in its complexity.
There is an impressive, 6:35 minutes re-working of the Amy Winehouse classic "You Know I`m No Good," in which Gonzalez croons a bolero opening that uncannily evokes the late singer, before the song breaks into a grand salsa-mambo finale. It peaks with an impromptu hip-hop overlay punctuated with horns and ends in flamenco-style guitar.
1. Bugalú pa` mi Abuela (feat. El Callegueso) (2:59)
2. New York Rules (feat. Joe Bataan) (3:27)
3. You Know I`m No Good/Chica Mala Mambo (6:54)
4. Ojalá-Inshallah (3:56)
5. La Clave e`Mi Bugalú (4:06)
6. Boogaloo Shoes (3:45)
7. Mister Dizzy Izzy (feat. Flaco Navaja and Izzy Sanabria) (4:34)
8. Chain of Fools (feat. Snowboy) (4:02)
9. Coco Helado (feat. Rowan Ricardo Phillips) (4:02)
10. How Do You Know/Cómo Sabes (4:39)