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Atiza Y Ataja (LP) - Los Supremos

Titel : Atiza Y Ataja (LP)

Artiest(en) : Los Supremos

Genre : Vinyl: LPs nieuw

Medium : Vinyl

Jaar : 04-2018

Label : Vampisoul

€ 23,90


ATIZA Y ATAJA uit 1971 van LOS SUPREMOS is wederom een uitstekende 180 gram salsa vinyl LP heruitgave op het Spaanse Vampisoul uit de rijke catalogus van de toonaangevende Colombiaanse platen maatschappij Discos Fuentes. Met op vocalen Peter Scoot én Piper "Pimienta" Diaz, die later furore zou maken bij Fruko en Latin Brothers in een rauwe, authentieke, lively 70`s setting met ruimte voor piano solo`s en timbales slagwerk.
The only album released by Los Supremos, "Atiza y ataja" (1971), was the debut recording for Edulfamid Molina Daz, aka Piper Pimienta, who would soon make his mark as Frukos lead singer and later with The Latin Brothers and his own orchestra. Grounded firmly in the Cuban style of La Sonora Matancera, with a prominent piano and crisp trumpet sound augmented by an additional double sax section, Los Supremos were also influenced by the NYC salsa dura and bugal of Willie Colon, while managing to include coastal Colombian tropical music like cumbia and currulao, throwing in some improvised descarga jamming as well, making for a varied and hard-edged mix for one of Discos Fuentes first, and finest, forays into making salsa records. Presented in facsimile artwork and pressed on 180g vinyl. Part of Vampisouls reissue series of classic Fuentes LPs.
1. Atiza Y Ataja (3:50) descarga
2. El Cuento (2:20) paseaito
3. El Piraguero (2:25) cumbia
4. El Mico (4:07) guaguanco
5. Ven A Colombia (3:23) cumbia
1. Hacha Y Machete (3:22) cumbele
7. Sin Solucion (2:35) guajira
8. Guaguanco Supremo (6:00) guaguanco
9. Bahia La Linda (2:10) currulao
10. Cali Querido (4:37) guaguanco
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