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A Bossa Negra (LP) - Elza Soares

Titel : A Bossa Negra (LP)

Artiest(en) : Elza Soares

Genre : Vinyl: LPs nieuw

Medium : Vinyl

Jaar : 1961

Label : Honey Pie

€ 17,90


2020 repress of this 1961 album.
One of the most amazing stories in
Brazilian music: Soares grew up in extreme poverty in a favela, at 13 was forced to marry a man who raped her, gave birth to three stillborn children - but still fought her way to the top of the industry, married Garrincha, lost him to booze and loose women, in addition to their son and her mother in car accidents. And is still going strong! This is probably her best album and indeed is absolutely lovely, grooves like nothing else. She sings with passion and fire in her lungs like the fabulously versatile singing magician she is. Her husky voice became her trademar
1. Tenha Pena De Mim
2. Boato
3. Fala Baixinho
4. Marambaia
5. O Samba Está Com Tudo
6. Cadeira Vazia
1. Perdão
2. Beija-Me
3. O Bilhete
4. O Samba Brasiliero
5. As Polegadas Da Mulata
6. Eu Quero É Sorongar