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Sin Mapa - Calle 13

Titel : Sin Mapa

Artiest(en) : Calle 13

Genre : Videos

Medium : DVD

Jaar : 2009

Label : Sony

€ 21,90


  1. La Perla
    2. Intro
    3. Perú I (Lago Titicaca)
    4. México (Premios MTV)
    5. Perú II (Lago Titicaca/Mina La Rinconada)
    6. Venezuela I (Amazonas)
    7. Perú III (Lima)
    8. Puerto Rico I
    9. Venezuela II
    10. Colombia I (Maicao)
    11. Puerto Rico II
    12. Colombia II (Sierra Nevada)
    13. Puerto Rico III
    14. Conclusión
    15. Créditos
    16. La Perla - The Making Of (Video)


It is like a documental with some music and some beautiful places. It takes you on a trip to South America to places that most of us would never had a chance to be in.

Informatieve and hoogst interessante semi-reis documentaire <br>
90 minutes, all regions, Engels ondertiteld <br>
In the tradition of their irreverent music and innovative videos, Calle 13`s original documentary follows the Puerto Rican hip-hop and alternative-reggaeton duo`s spiritual journey through the high plains of Bolivia and Peru. <br>
This documentary is less about the group as musicians and more about them as human beings. Their approach to filmmaking gives the viewer an inside look at various communities in Latin America. From a gold mining community, to self-sufficient potato farmers we learn of the Latino diaspora. The group takes us on their personal exploration of Venezuela, Peru and Colombia to show us the beautiful culture that exists in these towns that are not on the map, thus the name of this documentary. We hear from the indigenous communities what it means to truly be an environmentalist and we learn the true foundation of music from a free town in Colombia. On a side note, watch out for a performance by an Afro-Latino as he puts the solar system to song!
This story is about Latin America today, and its a valuable lesson in the environmental sciences, sociology and political science. <br>