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Olympia Paris 1998: Official Live Recording - Compay Segundo

Titel : Olympia Paris 1998: Official Live Recording

Artiest(en) : Compay Segundo

Genre : Videos, Cuba

Medium : CD+DVD

Jaar : 2016

Label : Rhino

€ 15,00


1. La ternera (feat. Pio Leyva)
2. El camison de Pepa
3. Es mejor vivir asi (feat. Martirio)
4. Como la avellaneda
5. Tu querias jugar
6. Fidelidad (feat. Omara Portuondo)
7. Sabroso
8. Una rosa de Francia (feat. Omara Portuondo)
9. La Juma de ayer (feat. Pio Leyva)
10. Juliancito tu novia te boto (feat. Martirio)
11. Saludo Compay
12. Ahora me da pena
13. Orgullecida
14. Para Vigo me voy
15. Chan Chan
16. Guantanamera (feat. Omara Portuondo, Martirio y Pio Leyva)
The DVD video contents the same tracks in the same order.
On April 24th and 25th 1998 Compay Segundo and his quartet played one of the most prestigious venues in Europe, the Paris’ Olympia Theatre. The show was filmed and released on VHS in 2000 and, after many years off the market, it will be available again as a CD+DVD. This is the first time the whole show will be released. This music is real, passionate, colourful, warm, joyful….and it has deep soul… Compay Segundo was a real legend of Cuban music and his talent and personality travelled all around the world.