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Masacote Jam - Jimmy Bosch

Titel : Masacote Jam

Artiest(en) : Jimmy Bosch

Genre : Videos

Medium : DVD

Jaar : 2009

€ 19,90


DVD Jimmy Bosch - y su Masacote Jam
Salsa Trombonist for over 35 years performing live with just about everybody and every salsa band of worldwide recognition, Jimmy Bosch is considered the torch bearer of Salsa Dura. He has been passed the baton to keep this style of hard core Salsa alive on a world wide scale. As he travels to all corners of the world leaving his mark, he continues to inspire players of all instruments and singers to embrace the challenge of keeping salsa music authentic in its delivery. Improviation, creative spirit, dance centered, powerful lyrics, freedom of expression musically, featuring all of the artists on the recordings, these are the many things said about Jimmy Bosch records and live performance DVDs. Jimmy has recorded on 8 Grammy award winning productions. Jimmy Bosch y su Masacote Jam is Jimmy`s latest DVD release in an effort to share with the world moments captured on video. This DVD also, includes a photo slideshow and an interview shot in Hamburg, Germany.

This DVD captures the essence of Jimmy Bosch`s ability to drive his band, his music, his spirit and his passion right into the hearts of anyone close enough to experience the experience. It is impossible not to feel the energy that Jimmy puts out. There is no mistake about it. Each and every time that you view this live footage you will remain captivated, then left feeling excilarated and alive with amazement. On this DVD, in an interview with Mel Carpenter of Salsa Central, Jimmy talksabout his connectionto audiences and dancers around the world.
There are live clips from 6 different shows on this production. Francia, Slovenia, Belgium, California, Louisiana, and New York.
In this package you will find a photo section where jimmy shares images of himself and other artists taken all over the world.