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Live (CD+DVD) - Yumuri

Titel : Live (CD+DVD)

Artiest(en) : Yumuri

Genre : Videos, Cuba

Medium : CD+DVD

Jaar : 2005

Label : BIS

€ 17,90


DVD+CD Yumuri - Live. Kwalitatief technisch en artistiek heel goede live registratie van Yumuri in Havana,aangevuld met wat video clips en extras.
Terrific high-energy live performance by Yumurí­ (Moises Valle) y Sus Hermanos. The show, from the Casa De La Música in Havana, Cuba, was well documented by this quality multi-camera production. The package comes with both a DVD and CD, so you can either watch the show on your TV (or computer) or listen to it in your car. With compositions mostly by Candido Fabré and Yumurí­, you can expect the material to be fiery salsa Cubana at its best. It gets the dancers up and moving.
It`s nice to finally have a good quality DVD of a modern live Cuban salsa performance. + bonus video clips and an interview with Yumurí.
Multizone, NTSC. With English subtitles. Dolby stereo. 110 minutes.
1. Bailen Otra Vez
2. Anoche Lloré
3. No Sé Por Qué Me Echó Bilongo
4. Que Me Pidan Regalao
5. La Cuenta
6. Mi Salsa Tiene Candela
7. Coge La Botella
8. La Bomba
9. El Gato No Coge Al Ratón Corriendo
10. Acaramelao
11. Yo No Quiero La­o
La Cuenta (video-clip)
Acaramelao (video-clip)
Galeria de fotos
Entrevista a Yumuri