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Haciendo Historia Live (DVD) - Alexander Abreu Havana de Primera

Titel : Haciendo Historia Live (DVD)

Artiest(en) : Alexander Abreu Havana de Primera

Genre : Videos, Cuba

Medium : Dubbel DVD

Jaar : 08-2016

Label : Unicornio

€ 21,99


ALEXANDER ABREU Y HAVANA D`PRIMERA - "Haciendo Historia Live" (El Concierto) 2-DVD
Geweldige 2 DVD intieme concert registratie van Cuba`s beste band van het laatste decenium.
DVD 1:
1. Resumen De Los Noventa (7:44)
2. Solo Para Ti (7:31)
3. Oni Oni (6:44)
4. Despues De Un Beso (10:26)
5. Ahora Qué Buscas (8:05)
6. Confiésale (7:09)
7. Nena (6:31)
DVD 2:
1. Las Cosas De Un Amigo (9:47)
2. Niña bonita (12:35)
3. Cuando El Rio Suena (14:35)
4. Historia Verdadera (10:18)
5. Mi Música (14:41)

With three critically acclaimed and very successful albums now on the market, Haciendo Historia (2009), Pasaporte (2012) and La Vuelta Al Mundo (2015) the Cuban orchestra HAVANA D’ PRIMERA has fast become a musical institute all on its own. Bandleader, singer and trumpeter ALEXANDER ABREU MANRESA has proven himself one of the most important, talented and fresh ‘new’ artist coming from Cuba, while keeping his diverse repertoire deeply rooted in the son, salsa and timba traditions. Several European and international tours have built the group a massive, ever growing and very loyal audience, fondly called Locos D’ Primera.
The Haciendo Historia Live double DVD has been recorded in Abdala Studios in Havana, Cuba in front of a small and select audience. It contains immaculately performed, extended live versions of all tracks from their groundbreaking debut album, plus the extra song Nena from the same period. There are a few spoken fragments throughout and the final track is a ‘making of’ video, showing some behind the scenes images and interviews. Havana D’Primera has truly been making history ever since their inception in 2008.