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Calle 54 - Latin Jazz

Titel : Calle 54

Artiest(en) : Latin Jazz

Genre : Videos, Latin-jazz

Medium : DVD

Jaar : 2000

Label : Homesreen

€ 19,90


DVD Calle 54 - A Tribute to Latin Jazz
In Calle 54, Madrid-based filmmaker Fernando Trueba explores the wide and wonderful world of Latin jazz: a hybrid genre that fuses the clave, samba, flamenco, merengue, and other rhythms from Africa, the Iberian peninsula, and the Americas. The film`s Spanish title takes its name from Sony Music Studios located on 54th Street in Manhattan, where a who`s who of musicians were filmed and recorded. They range from Brazilian bombshell keyboardist Eliane Elias and enigmatic Argentine tenor saxophonist Gato Barbieri, to the fiery rumba group Puntilla y Nueva Generacion. The music and musicians of Cuba and Puerto Rico dominate this documentary, and the most touching scene is the emotional father-and-son reunion of Cuban pianists Bebo and Chucho Valdés, who were separated by Fidel Castro`s revolution. Sadly, the film features the last onscreen appearances by the late composer-arranger Chico O`Farrill and the legendary timbales master Tito Puente. Simply put, Calle 54 is a documentary that dances.
This collection of fantastic Latin Jazz performances from some of the greatest musicians in the genre captures a range of sounds and styles and pays a glowing tribute to the intimate rhythms of this music. Shot in a fashion that follows the feeling of the music, director Fernando Trueba`s CALLE 54 features artists Tito Puente, Jerry Gonzalez, Chano Dominguez, Eliane Elias, Chico O`Farrill, Gato Barbieri, Paquito D`Rivera, Michel Camilo, Israel "Cachao" Lopez, Chucho Valdes, and Bebo Valdes.
In addition to the music, there is a documental section with the latin jazz history and the entire piece was made by a consummate film maker, Mr. Fernando Trueba. So you not only get great latin jazz music but also a good film work with many great scenes and finally, a comprehensive history of this jazz stream.