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Absolutely Live - Afro-Cuban All Stars

Titel : Absolutely Live

Artiest(en) : Afro-Cuban All Stars

Genre : Videos, Cuba

Medium : CD+DVD

Jaar : 2011

Label : DM

€ 17,99


Juan de Marcos Afro-Cuban All Stars - Absolutely Live CD and DVD, 2-disc set
DVD Live In Japan was al eerder uitgebracht (niet meer leverbaar) nu opnieuw leverbaar, aangevuld met opnames van North Sea Jazz Festival, Den Haag + CD van concert Den Haag. Uitmuntende kwaliteit. CD total playing time 72 minutes, DVD over 2 hours of music!
Live In Japan: Recorded at the Zepp Tokyo Arena in the Fall of 2002
This DVD and CD package documents a sparkling, powerhouse of a show featuring some of Cuba`s treasures like timbalero Amadito Valdes, Alberto "Molote" Munoz on trombone and Polo Tamayo on flute. However, it is the vocalists here that make this one a must-have: Imagine bringing together Felix Valoy, Luis Frank Arias, wildcat Teresita Garcia Caturla and the legendary Manuel "Puntillita" Licea (who is now greatly missed -- he passed away last year). Piano player David Alfaro is a tremendous talent, and is clearly appreciated by the reaction of the packed audience in Japan. Tresero and band leader Juan De Marcos Gonzalez has produced a premium quality DVD performance that should not be missed. It is a rare visual document of the transcendent power of Afro Cuban music.
Juan de Marcos Gonzalez is one of the most important figures in Cuban music today. He has a mission to show the world the wealth, diversity and vitality of Cuban music. His work with the Afro-Cuban All Stars, the Buena Vista Social Club, Rubén Gonzalez, Ibrahim Ferrer, Sierra Maestra and others has made an extraordinary contribution to raising the profile of Cuban music throughout the world. However, neither his name nor his crucial contribution is well known to the general public and he remains something of an unsung hero of Cuban music.
DVD with the concerts LIVE IN JAPAN & LIVE IN THE HAGUE:
1. Tanga
2. Distinto, diferente 
3. Amor verdadero 
4. Habana del Este
5. Cada vez que te veo 
6. Los Sitio Asere 
7. Reconciliation 
8. El Canallon 
9. El son de Baloy 
10. Los tamalitos de Olga 
11. Maria Caracoles (encore) 
12. Chan Chan (encore) 
2. Elegia a Ruben Gonzalez
3. Yo soy el del sentimento 
4. Cantante 
5. Viruta 
6. Adivinador