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10 Anos - Piloto y Klimax

Titel : 10 Anos

Artiest(en) : Piloto y Klimax

Genre : Videos, Cuba

Medium : DVD

Jaar : 2006

Label : Egrem

€ 19,90


Giraldo Piloto y Klimax ‎– 10 Años
DVD Egrem, 2006, includes 8 page booklet.
1 Opening 10 Años
2 La Mujer De Mi Vida
3 Get Busy
4 Añorado Encuentro
5 Te Confunde Ser Esa Mujer
6 Popurrit 10 Años
7 Mi Estrella
8 Consejo A Una Amiga
9 Sin Clave Pero Con Swing
10 Cuando Yo Lo Quiera
11 La Mujer Piropo
12 La Chica Perfecta
10 Años is a concert recorded in May 2005 in the Teatro Nacional to mark the 10th anniversary of Giraldo Piloto’s band, Klimax. Concert footage is interspersed with a few brief talking heads snippets from the likes of Pupy Pedroso, Juan Formell, Chucho Valdés and, would you believe it? Giraldo Piloto himself. There are no subtitles. Guesting onstage you’ll find Pupy and Valdés as well as Robertón, Mandy Cantero, Telmary, Alexander Abreu and many more.
Giraldo Piloto was instrumental in creating Timba at the end of the 1980’s within José Luis Cortés’s NG La Banda. Leaving NG, he went on to write many of the early ’90’s greatest themes, for Issac Delgado and La Charanga Habanera in particular. Extracts of many are included in the medley or popurrit. This concert also includes several tracks from Klimax’s first three CD’s, much of the best material on the DVD.