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Serie de Oro - Chabuca Granda

Titel : Serie de Oro

Artiest(en) : Chabuca Granda

Genre : Diversen

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2004

Label : EMI

€ 9,90


Chabuca Granda - Serie de Oro (Grandes Exitos)
Mari­a Isabel Granda Larco (Cotabambas, Peru, 3 September 1920 - Miami, USA, 1983), better known as Chabuca Granda, was a Peruvian singer and composer. She created and interpreted a vast number of Criollo waltzes with Afro-Peruvian rhythms. Her best known song is "La flor de la canela" (Cinnamon Flower).
EMI gold series greatest hits collection from Peruvian creole music composer and singer. Chabuca came from a musical family, many of her ancestors having played with well-known filarmonicos groups. She gained exposure by forming a singing duo with a friend, the two performing frequently on the radio and she also became one of the first Peruvians to make an appearance on television. By 1940, she had formed a trio that performed in theatres around Peru and she composed much of the music that they performed. Her music is seen to be influenced by Aztec or Mexican music and includes the popular song "La Flor de la Canela".
1. Flor de la Canela
2. El Zurco
3. Sagvan
4. Toro Mata-Toro Mata
5. Vna Larga Noche
6. Jose Antonio
7. Fina Estampa
8. Coplas a Fray Martin
9. La Torre de Marfil
10. Ollita Nomas
11. Cardo O Ceniza
12. El Puente de los Suspiros