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Problemas - Grupo Fantasma

Titel : Problemas

Artiest(en) : Grupo Fantasma

Genre : Diversen

Medium : CD

Jaar : 11-2015

Label : Membrane

€ 18,90


Latin funk/salsa uit Austin, Texas van Grupo Fantasma It is hard to know where to classify this new release from Austin, Texas-based Grupo Fantasma. The singers think they are fronting a Latin band, the percussionists think they are in a Columbian salsa-cumbia band, while there are rock guitarists, jazz horn players, banda trumpet guys, and other members who have their own ideas. Check out their live performance of "Burnin` down the House" on Youtube. Es muy Rock en Espanyol! After a wobbly bit they come together with a bolero based on "Because" by Lennon & McCartney from Abbey Road. On this album, they try out the currently popular psychedelic Peruvian cumbia sound as well as bits of bomba and funk, but what they excel at is a straight-forward descarga -- "Dura y Pura" as one of their titles has it. The brass and vocals roll off the timbales and there are plenty of stop-start breaks as trombone and baritone sax get up to throw down. The Chicha style returns for a Goth-cumbia called "Otoño" -- one for the Haunted House set: Link Wray guitar meets muted trumpets and clarinets from Max Fleischer cartoons. There`s quite a mix of styles on offer here, but mostly resolved into a Latin groove in some way or other, with forays into jazz and rock bleeding out.
1. Nada
2. Solo Un Sueño
3. Porque
4. Esa Negra
5. Mulato
6. Descarga Pura Y Dura
7. Otoño
8. Problemas
9. Cayuco
10. Roto El Corazon
11. That Night