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Parilla Caliente - Phirpo y sus Caribes

Titel : Parilla Caliente

Artiest(en) : Phirpo y sus Caribes

Genre : Diversen

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2016

Label : El Rico Sabor

€ 9,99


"Phirpo y sus Caribes" was led by Venezuelan musician, arranger and conductor "Porfi Jiménez". They only made one album "Parrilla Caliente" in 1972, whose original pressing is a very rare and sought-aftern masterpiece.
"Comencemos (Let`s Start)" by Afrobeat legend "Fela Kuti" is a brilliat Afro-Latin cover. Jiménez arranging talent is clearly audible here, compressing Kuti`s 8 minute version to just over 2 minutes. The result is a highly explosive mix which may without a doubt be considered one of the best Latinfunk songs. The ingredients are extremely spicy: heavy drum breaks & percussion, horn madness and wild guitar interludes will surely hit dance floors!
Porfi backwards is Phirpo). Parilla Caliente is his primary funk effort and features various covers of popular songs from the time reworked with a distinct latin flavour.
1. Comencemos (Let`s Start) (2:13)
2. Pa` Los Rumberos (2:30)
3. Y Esa Pava Qué? 3:35
4. Do Wah Nanny (3:30)
5. Oye Como Va (3:00)
6. Que Pasa En La Oscuridad (What Happens In The Darkness) (2:40)
7. Micaela (2:45)
8. Vacaciones De Verano (2:45)
9. Muchacha Morena (Brown Girl) (2:50)
10. Mi Moooto (3:15)
11. Feliz Porque Regreso A Casa - (Happy `Cause I`m Going Home) (2:50)
12. Hombre Formal (3:10)