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Ritmo Oriental (LP) - Orquesta Ritmo Oriental

Titel : Ritmo Oriental (LP)

Artiest(en) : Orquesta Ritmo Oriental

Genre : Vinyl: LPs tweedehands, Cuba

Medium : Vinyl

Jaar : 1988

Label : Globestyle

€ 12,00


1. Nena, Así No Se Vale (Girl, It`s No Good Like That)
2. Yo Traigo Panatela (I Bring Sweet Cake)
3. Que Rico Bailo Yo (How Well I Dance)
4. Maritza (Maritza)
5. La Ritmo Suena A Areito (The Band Plays Areito)
1. La Ritmo Te Está Llamando (Ritmo Oriental Are Calling You)
2. Maria Baila El Son (Maria, Dance The "Son")
3. El Que No Sabe, Sabe (He Who Doesn`t Know, Knows)
4. Advertencia Para Todos (Announcement To All)
5. Si No Hay Posibilidad Me Voy (If It`s Not Possible, I`m Going)

Orquesta Ritmo Oriental performs ten lively songs on its Ritmo Oriental Is Calling You! album. The band is Cuban and plays relatively traditional Cuban music, featuring lots of percussion, flute, and fiddling. The album is a Globestyle compilation, supposedly "the best in Latin dance music." Calling this the best Latin dance music has to offer is a bit of an overstatement, however, even if Orquesta Ritmo Oriental is indeed impressive

Both sleeve and vinyl are Very Good Plus, maybe close to NM