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Me Voy A Desquitar (LP) - Noraida

Titel : Me Voy A Desquitar (LP)

Artiest(en) : Noraida

Genre : Vinyl: LPs tweedehands

Medium : Vinyl

Jaar : 1971

Label : Tico

€ 25,00


Noraida Hernandez married Beny Moré in Cuba, but by the time she left Cuba and arrived in the United States, she had become his widow. Beny Moré died in 1963. Noraida` recorded 4 LP`s, with Tito Puente and his Orq.
Noraida` never created the kind of "public sensation" or excitement that her record companies; "Tico" & "Coco" had hoped for (as did `La Lupe`), so she never became so called "well known".
Definitely a proficient singer, she just didn`t have that "certain something"
(bankability $) that `Tico` & `Coco` records needed.
Absolutely the best thing about these recording sessions is `Tito Puentes` band, the band is a monster, totally kicks ass and allows her to shine. TICO Lp-1236 VGPlus 2ndHand
1. Me Voy A Desquitar
2. Si Tu Te Vas
3. Soy de las Lajas
4. Oye
5. Mosaico de Congas
1. De Mis Recuredos
2. Mataron a mi vecina
3. Estroy Triste
4. Me Cole En El Cheche
5. Chola Anguerengue