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Jammin Live (LP) - Ricardo Ray Bobby Cruz

Titel : Jammin Live (LP)

Artiest(en) : Ricardo Ray Bobby Cruz

Genre : Vinyl: LPs tweedehands

Medium : Vinyl

Jaar : 1972

Label : Vaya

€ 27,99


Ricardo Ray / Bobby Cruz* ‎– Jammin` Live
2nd Hand 1972 LP on Vaya (VS-13) sleeve and vinyl VG(+)
1. La Zafra
2. Yo Se Que Te Amo
3. La Cosita
4. Descarga El Bajo
1. Lamento Borincano
2. Te Quiero Te Quiero
3. Matiagua
4. Gloria A Dios (Let It Be)

This was the band`s famous live recording where it found itself at the height of its popularity and in the midst of the 1970s salsa explosion. Dizzy Izzy Sanabria hosted this New York recording (at the time, Ray and Cruz were based in Puerto Rico); the band featured Polito Huertas on bass ("Descarga el Bajo") and performed the unqualified smash "La Zafra." The band`s repertoire included plenty of supercharged warhorses to excite the most jaded salsa aficionado. Among the tunes featured here are a few pop standards such as Armando Manzanero`s "Yo Se Que Te Amo," Rafael Hernández`s "Lamento Borincano," and "Gloria a Dios" (a Spanish version of John Lennon and Paul McCartney`s classic "Let It Be"). Few salsa records capture such raw energy; this is among the band`s most significant releases and a must for salsa fans.