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De Nuevo (LP) - Celia Cruz Johnny Pacheco

Titel : De Nuevo (LP)

Artiest(en) : Celia Cruz Johnny Pacheco

Genre : Vinyl: LPs tweedehands

Medium : Vinyl

Jaar : 1985

Label : Vaya

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Celia Cruz & Johnny Pacheco - De Nuevo 1985 secondhand LP on Vaya JMVS-106
con Papo Lucca, Luis Mangual, Luis Ramirez, Javier Vazquez.
This album truly captures the original sound and rhythm that dominated Latin music during the height of the salsa era in New York. The popular Cruz-Pacheco collaborations of that time were always a sure thing if you wanted to enjoy a pure salsa sound. Today`s salsa is good but sometimes modernized to the point of losing its original flavor. This album brings you back to the day. Kudos for re-introducing this. Time to put on the old headset, close my eyes and take a journey back to the day. Great album.
1. No Hay Mascara (4:07)
2. Las Divorciadas (4:20)
3. Virgencita (3:23)
4. El Agua De Bonga (4:07)
5. Despechado (4:35)
1. Barin Barin (3:56)
2. Siete Potencias (6:06)
3. Respetalo (5:38)
4. Historia De Una Rumba (5:30)