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Con Sabor A Montuno (LP) - Linda Leida

Titel : Con Sabor A Montuno (LP)

Artiest(en) : Linda Leida

Genre : Vinyl: LPs tweedehands

Medium : Vinyl

Jaar : 1979

Label : SAR

€ 17,90


Linda Leida - ¡Con Sabor a Montuno! 1979 LP, 2nd Hand LP SAR label SLP-1005, both sleeve and vinyl VGPlus
This 1st 1979 Linda Leida release for Roberto Torres`s SAR label is a WONDERFUL recording that is stylistically in between the traditional Cuban "Sonóra Matancera-ish" style of Salsa sound and the classic Cuban Son-Montuno sound for which SAR is SO WELL KNOWN for.
Even though these 2 styles are PERFECTLY blended in together, the "Matancera-ish" sound imposes itself a little bit more on this recording most probably through the influence of the all-time Sonóra Matancera Pianist Lino Frías, without forgetting the presences of Mario Muñóz Salazár `Papaíto` on Bongos and Eladio Peguero `Yayo El Indio` on background vocals (both Sonóra Matancera members at some point in their careers).
Great solos by Alfredo Armenteros "Chocolate" on Trumpet, 3 Piano solos by Lino Frías and 3 Tres-guitar solos by Victor Trías "El Chino", and that all the tracks are DEFINITELY going to liven up your soul, your party and dancing moment as they all are VERY LIVELY, JOYFUL, and HIGHLY DANCEABLE as well as VERY TYPICAL and TRADITIONAL (which isn`t surprising AT ALL knowing of the references I`ve already cited in this review and on the label`s consistent style and quality).

The most Son-Montúno influenced numbers here are the two tunes written by the late Wilfredo `Pio` Leyva which are La Alegría Del Montúno (with a thrilling "Bururú Barará, donde está Miguel" part where the Trumpets do the melody and the chorus responds to it) and specially the nice and mellow Oye Como Suena tune featuring a VERY FINE Tres-guitar solo by Victor Trías, without forgetting Ay! Que Tiene El which begins in Bolero-Son and finishes in the 2nd part as an almost "Guajírified" Son-Montúno tune for Linda to fully express her vocals.
A Comer Chicharrón (written by Angel Roméro), and Aníta (written by the late Francisco Repilado "Compay Segundo") are both given a more "salsified" treat on this album, while El Guaguancó Y El Son is slightly more of a Chappotin-ish Cuban Salsa style of number.
1. La Alegria Del Montuno (6:13)
2. A Comer Chicharron (6:15)
3. Anita (6:51)
1. El Guaguanco El Son (5:34)
2. Oye Como Suena (6:18)
3. Ay! Que Tiene El (6:14)