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Celia & Johnny (LP) - Celia Cruz & Johnny Pacheco

Titel : Celia & Johnny (LP)

Artiest(en) : Celia Cruz & Johnny Pacheco

Genre : Vinyl: LPs tweedehands

Medium : Vinyl

Jaar : 1974

Label : Wagram

€ 17,90


Celia Cruz & Johnny Pacheco - Celia & Johnny, Vaya VS-31 lp, both vinyl and sleeve VGPLus, french 1974 pressing Fania Sonodisc.
Virtually every album Celia Cruz made with Johnny Pacheco was outstanding but this was their very best . Pacheco assembled the best musicians and background singers for this one and the result was sheer musical magic. The all-time classics "Quimbara", "Toro Mata" and "Canto A La Habana" are all here. 1970s salsa at its best!
Celia and Johnny created this masterpiece in 1974 and created a sound that has carried through the decades. From the hot charisma of Quimbara to the momentus bolero of Vieja Luna. You can experience the exotic feel of the tropics by closing your eyes and listening to these two amazing artists. 
Digitally remastered edition. Wonderful collaboration between the "Queen of Salsa" and the co-founder of the Fania label, a real coup with timeless hits that marked generations of fans (Toro Mata, Quimbara...)
1. Quimbara
2. Toro Mata
3. Vieja Luna
4. El Paso Del Mulo
5. Tengo El Idde
1. Lo Tuyo Es Mental
2. Canto A La Habana
3. No Mercedes
4. El Tumbao & Celia
5. El Pregon Del Pescador