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Breakin` Out (LP) - Joe Cuba Sextet

Titel : Breakin` Out (LP)

Artiest(en) : Joe Cuba Sextet

Genre : Vinyl: LPs tweedehands

Medium : Vinyl

Jaar : 1965

Label : Seeco

€ 15,00


Breakin` Out – A Collection Of Their Very Best (2nd hand LP reïssue on Seec SCLP-92920, USA press both sleeve and vinyl VGPlus). Salsa, boogaloo + latin soul.
Joe Cuba breaks out with some great work from his classic sextet – a cool combo who really helped rewrite the rules for Latin music in the 60s! The group`s got this focus that`s quite different than the larger Latin bands of the previous years – yet they also kick a lot harder than the piano combos too – with a very strong focus on the rhythms that Joe could cook up in the lead, matched with vocals from Jimmy Sabater, Cheo Feliciano, or Willy Torres. As with some of Joe`s best work of the time, there`s a strong nod to American soul music, with some English language lyrics from Sabater – a vibe that would be explored even more strongly on Tico Records a few years later.
1. To Be With You [canta Jimmy Sabater]
2. Picando De Vicio     
3. Mambo Of The Times [canta Cheo Feliciano & Willy Torres]
4. A Las Seis [canta Cheo Feliciano]
5. Mercy [canta Jimmy Sabater]
6. Tremendo Coco [canta Cheo Feliciano]
SIDE B:    
1. This Is Love [canta Jimmy Sabater]
2. Salsa Y Bembe
3. Como Rien [canta Cheo Felicano]
4. Que Va [canta Cheo Feliciano]
5. Quisiera Yo Tener [canta Cheo Feliciano]
6. Wabble Cha [canta Cheo Feliciano]