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1975 (LP) - Ricardo Ray Bobby Cruz

Titel : 1975 (LP)

Artiest(en) : Ricardo Ray Bobby Cruz

Genre : Vinyl: LPs tweedehands

Medium : Vinyl

Jaar : 1975

Label : Vaya

€ 25,00


Ricardo Ray / Bobby Cruz – 1975
2nd LP first press on VayVS-33 USA.
vinyl and sleeve VGPlus, close to NM
1. Richie Ray 1975 (3:49)
2. Cristobal Celai (5:47)
3. Gan Gan Y Gon Gon (6:21)
4. Mi Amigo Juan (5:27)
1. Juan Sebastian Fuga (4:35)
2. Mi Mayoral (4:02)
3. Jesus En El Jardin (6:46)
4. Donde Esta Mi Negra ? (4:22)

The celebrated pianist/singer association churns out another knockout album. The memorable "Juan Sebastián Fuga" is a Richie Ray experiment with Western classical music (drawing upon Bach`s Sinfonia and Cantata No. 29); however, there is plenty of fire in tunes like "Mi Amigo Juan," "Mi Mayoral," and the revelatory "Jesús en el Jardín." Good stuff, and a treat for fans of Ray and Cruz`s 1970s music, reflecting a time when the salsa genre was undergoing a needed stylistic refurbishing.