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Liberdade - Olodum

Titel : Liberdade

Artiest(en) : Olodum

Genre : Diversen

Medium : CD

Jaar : 1997

Label : Warner

€ 7,90


Olodum - Liberdade was released in 1997 on the Warner Bros. label. This album features 14 tracks, including Tamboes De Cores." Olodum back to its roots featuring its traditional. Batucada Axe Bahia.
Olodum is a large percussion band from Salvador da Bahia,brasil. It`s a musical institution that helps street children realize their full potential.The music is Reggae influenced with African rhythms driving the songs.The melodies are western,sung in Portuguese, and in African. They never loose sight of their BEAT. "Anjo Meu" has tight percussion takes the listener to heights never imagined. AMAGNI is sung in an African dialect with harmonic flutes complimenting the melodies. the melodies are catchy, you will hum and chant them when you do your chores. A must CD for every player that loves percussion. Liberdade,the name of the music CD implies--Freedom--Liberty
1. Balanco da Mare
2. Tambores de Cores
3. Anjo Meu
4. Todo Amor (Asas da Liberdade)
5. Anhangaba
6. Oke Ode Ile
7. Cinderela
8. I Miss Her
9. Trem da Alegria
10. Samba do Reconcavo
11. Tiro Seco
12. Amado para Sempre
13. Toque Digital
14. Amagni