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La Sanchez - Lila Downs

Titel : La Sanchez

Artiest(en) : Lila Downs

Genre : Diversen

Medium : CD

Jaar : 10-2023

Label : Universal

€ 19,99


2023 studio album van de Mexicaanse zangeres LILA DOWNS, La Sánchez.
Typical of Downs, ‘La Sánchez’ includes different styles of Mexican music, highlighting her excellent interpretation of rancheras, northern cumbia and corridos. Per usual, Downs is capable of captivating a vast audience of listeners with the use of a combination of complex and simple musical arrangements and her story-telling like singing.
On this latest record, Downs surrounded herself with musical director Orlando Aispuro, who has collaborated with C. Tangana, Carín León and Pablo Alborán, among others. In typical Downs fashion, the songs represented on the album are a mixture of historical importance including songs written by José Alfredo Jiménez, Luciano Luna, and Leslie Lariam Orduño and newly penned songs by young writers which include Loli Molina. Downs also represents herself and features original music, some of which were co-written with Paul R. Cohen.
1. Vas de Salida
2. Solita Solita
3. Dos Corazones
4. Conjuro
5. Mandimbo
6. Ni Maíz
7. Toda la Noche
8. El Último Trago
9. La Curación
10. Fuiste Feliz