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Hasta La Raiz - Natalia Lafourcade

Titel : Hasta La Raiz

Artiest(en) : Natalia Lafourcade

Genre : Latin Pop, Videos

Medium : CD+DVD

Jaar : 2015

Label : Sony

€ 22,99


Natalia Lafourcade met Hasta La Raíz edición especial CD+DVD, 2015 doorbraak album van deze zangeres uit Mexico. One of the best latin pop albums of 2015.

1. Hasta La Raíz
2. Mi Lugar Favorito
3. Antes de Huir
4. Ya No Te Puedo Querer
5. Para Qué Sufrir
6. Nunca Es Suficiente
7. Palomas Blancas
8. Te Quiero Ver
9. Vámonos Negrito
10. Lo Que Construimos
11. Estoy Lista
12. No Más Llorar
13. Partir De MÍ
14. Duele
15. Me Voy De Casa
16. Lo Que Construimos (Version Reggae)
17. Hasta La RaÍZ (Canova`S Root Version)
1. Documental
2. Hasta La Raíz Music Video
3. Nunca Es Suficiente Music Video
4. Lo Que Construimos Music Video
5. Hasta La Raíz (Lyric Video)
6. Nunca Es Suficiente (Lyric Video)
7. Nunca Es Suficiente (Lyric Video)
Natalia could have continued on the path of pop stardom; she was already an award winning pop star. Instead, it sounds as if she decided to merge her artistry and her personal life together and the results are spectacular. She`s put out many great songs and cds, but this was her first masterpiece. It`s not as sprawling as Prince`s Sign of the Times, but it`s no less captivating than Adele`s 21 or Amy Winehouse`s Back to Black. In fact, Hasta la Raiz could very well have been called The Miseducation of Natalia Lafourcade, it`s that important and that good.