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Cumbiana - Carlos Vives

Titel : Cumbiana

Artiest(en) : Carlos Vives

Genre : Diversen, Latin/Caribbean

Medium : CD

Jaar : 07-2020

Label : Sony

€ 17,90


2020 album van CARLOS VIVES uit Colombia CUMBIANA
Carlos Vives` new album Cumbiana, a search for the indigenous roots of Colombian music, sees him at his finest. It is exuberant, soulful, beautiful and important without ever sounding overbearing, a very difficult balance to achieve.
Featuring duets with Jessie Reyez, Ruben Blades and Alejandro Sanz, Cumbiana treads that line between what’s commercial and what is artistic, with a slightly different premise (for Vives, at least).
“I discovered a lost world. That’s the truth,” Vives simply states, speaking from his home in Bogota, where he’s been in lockdown for the past two months.
“We’ve always spoken about our African heritage in music,” he adds. “We’ve always thought that the most uplifting elements of our music came from Africa or from European rhythms like polka. But it turns out it comes from Andean, or indigenous music. This album highlights the joy of the fusion of African, European and indigenous music.”
Marrying Colombia’s past with the future, Cumbiana has already delivered a chart hit with “No Te Vayas.” Edgier still is current single “For Sale,” a mix of traditional beats with reggaeton, a touch of rap and Sanz’s flamenco strains. Of course, Vives wrote the rule book for Colombian fusion.
His 1994 album, La Tierra Del Olvido, where he marries Colombia’s most traditional folk beats -- vallenato, cumbia, porro -- with rock guitars and drums and pop sensibility, is the original blueprint of the sound that would later define the work of acts like Juanes, Fonseca and even Shakira at times.
1. Hechicera (3:36)
2. No Te Vayas (3:45)
3. For Sale (feat. Alejandro Sanz) (3:37)
4. El Hilo (feat. Elkin Robinson, Ziggy Marley) (3:48)
5. Canción Para Rubén (feat. Ruben Blades) (4:10)
6. Vitamina en Rama (3:31)
7. Los Consejos Del Difunto (3:31)
8. Rapsodia en La Menor (Para Elena) (4:02)
9. Cumbiana (3:57)
10. Zhigonezhi