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Aue do Terra - Terrasamba

Titel : Aue do Terra

Artiest(en) : Terrasamba

Genre : Diversen

Medium : CD

Jaar : 1999

Label : Universal

€ 12,90


Terra Samba has sold over three million copies of its first five albums, having performed successfully in Portugal (the group gathered 160,000 people at the city of Porto), Uruguay, Argentina, and Paraguay, and has also toured three times through the U.S. and Europe. Having started in 1991 in Salvador, Bahia, Terra Samba only had success with its second album, Deus é Brasileiro (1996), where the group`s romantic interpretations were substituted by a more percussive approach. Liberar Geral (1997) sold 100,000 copies, yielding a gold record. But the big smash was Terra Samba Ao Vivo e A Cores, the sales champion of 1998/1999 with 2.7 million copies sold. The group also performed at the Montreux Festival and had shows recorded by a TV channel distributed to 43 countries. Terra Samba participates actively in the Carnaval of Salvador in association with huge blocos (groups of merrymakers). ~ (review by All Music Guide) <br>
1. No Ponto <br>
2. Suingue Do Terra <br>
3. Banho De Chuveiro <br>
4. Madeira <br>
5. Trenzinho Do Amor <br>
6. Dali Louco <br>
7. Eta, Le, Le <br>
8. Labios De Mel <br>
9. Limousine <br>
10. Ta Beleza <br>
11. Mensageiro Da Folia <br>
12. Palpite <br>
13. O Que E O Amor <br>
14. Aue Do Terra <br>