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Colecao - Marisa Monte

Titel : Colecao

Artiest(en) : Marisa Monte

Genre : Diversen

Medium : CD

Jaar : 05-2016

Label : Universal

€ 19,90


Mooie verzamelaar van de veelzijdige Braziliaanse zangeres Marisa Monte uit 2016.
Almost 30 years ago Marisa Monte started her career as a performing artist and singer. She releases new albums not very frequently, but her oeuvre is very rich in terms of quality and versatility. This album, Coleçaõ, is a collection of collaborations, live recordings, and movie soundtracks she recorded during her career, but that did not appear on her (own) regular albums. In spite of the wide time range covered by these recordings, the songs fit together wonderfully well. The songs resemble a collection of jewelry of which each separate item is a precious piece. Take, for instance, Carinhoso, with Marisa’s voice only accompanied by the guitar playing of Paulinho da Viola. A classical Brazilian song that in itself makes this CD worthwhile already. But also collaborations with other female singers, such as Cesaria Évora and Carminho, work out very well. And the album ends with a version of Jobim’s Waters of March, with David Byrne, that sounds very contemporaneous, even though it was recorded some time ago.
1. Nu com a minha musica
2. Cama
3. E doce morrer no mar
4. Carinhoso
5. Alta noite
6. A primeira pedra
7. Dizem que o amor
8. Ilusao
9. Esqueca
10. Chuva no mar
11. Fumando espero
12. Volta, meu amor
13. Waters of march