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The Legend - Luis Vargas

Titel : The Legend

Artiest(en) : Luis Vargas

Genre : Bachata

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2010

Label : Planet

€ 7,90


2010 album van Bachatero authentica Luis Vargas uit Dominicaanse Republiek.
Luis Vargas is one of the Dominican Republic`s most popular bachata musicians. Vargas, who sings and plays his own lead guitar, was one of the first to play bachata with the electric guitar - an innovation which contributed to greatly expanding bachata`s popularity. After very disappointing record sales , Luis Vargas has since retired from the business. Eventually, Luis Vargas did make a comeback. Most Dominicans never lost faith in his return and now he is just as popular now as he has never been before. However, he has changed his image from a humble bachata singer to a more urban Reggaeton style
1. Llevatelo Todo
2. Traficante De Ilusiones (Soy Asi)
3. Pero No Puedo Vivir Sin Ti
4. Segunda Memoria
5. Que Sabe La Gente
6. Cancion Para Mi Hijo
7. Dime
8. Eso Es Amor
9. Idiota
10. Dolor
11. Siempre Pierdo en el Amor
12. Llora Corazon
13. Ojala Que No Puedas