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Piel Sin Alma - Raulin Rodriguez

Titel : Piel Sin Alma

Artiest(en) : Raulin Rodriguez

Genre : Bachata

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2005

Label : Platano

€ 17,90


Raulin Rodriguez met z`n 2005 CD "Piel Sin Alma", negen bachatas, een merengue.
1. Piel Sin Alma (5:30)
2. Solo Quiereme (5:42)
3. Despues de Tanto Amor (5:18)
4. Te Pierdo y Te Pienso (5:36)
5. Por Gustarte (4:19)
6. Por Tu Primer Beso (4:54)
7. Mi Mejor Amiga (4:00)
8. Ya Te Vas Amor (4:51)
9. Mi Mejor Amiga (4:05)
10. Los Resbalones (4:24)
Raulin is in a class by himself. This album is exemplary too and reminds his listeners that he is unique and is a leader with his style of bachata. Piel sin alma is one of his most sentimental albums in my opinion. I own all his productions and this one in terms of having a very sentimental touch maybe only be comparable to Corazon Corazon. These bachatas sound like beautiful boleros with exceptional guitar skills and acoustics. I agree with the first reviewer tremendous guitar work is displayed in this album. This is another cacique masterpiece that can be played from the start to finish over and over again. If you are a fan of Raulin El Cacique....pick up a copy today.