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Phase II - Prince Royce

Titel : Phase II

Artiest(en) : Prince Royce

Genre : Bachata

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2012

Label : TopStop

€ 17,99


Bachata ster Prince Royce 2e album uit 2012.
1. Prelude
2. Incondicional
3. Las Cosas Pequenas
4. Addicted
5. Eres Tu
6. Memorias
7. Hecha Para Mi
8. Close To You
9. Dulce
10. Mi Habitacion
11. It`s My Time
12. Te Me Vas
13. Dulce (acoustic feat. Arthur Hanlon)

Having taken a few more cues from the R&B crowd -- like dropping his trademark "Royyyyyccce" at the beginning of tracks -- Prince Royce`s mix of urban, bachata, and Latin pop felt especially fresh and exciting as this sophomore effort landed on shelves, but this ballad-driven release is far from gimmicky. From the massive "it`s the little things" hit "Los Cosas Pequeñas," to the broad and uplifting dance-pop of "It`s My Time," Prince Royce proves himself to be a talented, heartfelt singer, pulling a lot of soul out of a soft, amiable -- you could even call if featherweight -- voice. It`s that light bit of his delivery that makes him approachable, and even if he`s got the pedigree of a Dominican kid growing up in oh-so-cool N.Y. C., he`s both hip and growing increasingly true to the music, delivering the album`s more Bieber, Black Eyed Peas, and Selena moments in a style that`s connectable over just crossover. With the genre-spanning and the man`s delivery both more natural, the rewarding Phase II is a substantial step up from Royce`s debut.