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La Sangre Llama - Luis Vargas

Titel : La Sangre Llama

Artiest(en) : Luis Vargas

Genre : Bachata

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2003

Label : Parcha

€ 17,90


1. La Otra (4:55)
2. Ve Y Dile (4:44)
3. El Engaño (3:38)
4. Si Pierdo A Mis Padres (4:48)
5. La Sangre Llama (5:05)
6. Me Rompiste El Corazon (3:47)
7. Homenaje A Chiquete (4:40)
8. Ahora Me Desprecia (4:13)
9. Por Tu Amor (3:29)
10. El Preso (4:11)
11. Yo No Se De Eso (5:42)
"La sangre llama" is quite an impressive cd by the veteran Luis Vargas. This album is full of charisma, sentimental lyrics and smooth bachata rhythms. I listened to it for the first time two days ago and I was impressed from the get go. This album is similar in style to his album titled "En persona" which I considered as Luis Vargas` change over to a new style of bachata not characteristic of his older recordings. I can`t give anything less than five stars since it was great through and through and the lyrics are very powerful. I think Luis Vargas is back and more competitive than ever. This is a beautiful album for bachateros.