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God`s Project - Aventura

Titel : God`s Project

Artiest(en) : Aventura

Genre : Bachata

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2005

Label : Sony

€ 17,99


God`s Project is het 2005 album van bachata groep Aventura met zanger Romeo Santos.
1. Intro (1:24)
2. Angelito (4:53)
3. La Boda (4:49)
4. Un Chi Chi (3:59)
5. Volvió La Traicionera (3:23)
6. La Niña (4:53)
7. Our Song (4:24)
8. Bar Skit (0:49)
9. Ella y Yo (featuring Don Omar) (4:27)
10. Un Beso (4:23)
11. Voy Malacostumbrado (4:33)
12. Ciego de Amor (featuring Antony Santos) (5:07)
13. Audition Skit (6:47)
14. Por Tu Orgullo (4:19)
15. You`re Lying (featuring Nina Sky) (4:24)
Since its formation in the Bronx, New York in 1994, Dominican boy band Aventura has been steadily expanding its sound toward a style that incorporates hip-hop, R&B, rock, merengue, and reggaeton, while still retaining strong traces of traditional bachata. GOD`S PROJECT is the culmination of Aventura`s stylistic expansion, and is the group`s most mature, diverse, and accomplished album.
The sounds of bachata--the quartet`s foundation--are still prominent, especially on "Ciego de Amor," which features a cameo by Antony Santos, one of the Dominican Republic`s leading bachata artists (not to be confused with Aventura`s own Anthony "Romeo" Santos). The group also ventures deep into reggaeton territory on the likes of "Ella y Yo" (which stars reggaeton kingpin Don Omar). Various international flavors work their way into the mix, particularly the samples of Asian music that crop up here and there, and the strains of traditional flamenco on "Un Beso." All of this is wrapped skillfully in a sound and attitude that bursts with contemporary pop savvy.