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El Duque de la Bachata - Joan Soriano

Titel : El Duque de la Bachata

Artiest(en) : Joan Soriano

Genre : Bachata, Videos

Medium : CD+DVD

Jaar : 2010

Label : Iaso

€ 21,90


(H)Eerlijke, Domincaanse bachata, traditional, acoustic-based "bachata" music from the Dominican Republic. CD+DVD.
A sweet, acoustic style that dates back to the 1950s, in the `80s bachata morphed into a hyperactively fast, frantic, modern pop genre -- a hugely popular regional fad, but pretty far removed from its mellow, romantic roots. Singer Joan Soriano is a welcome throwback to the old days, an expressive, crooning stylist with wonderfully understated, expressive vocals, concise phrasing and a strong connection to this old-style music. This CD comes along with a DVD disc with an hour-long documentary about Soriano and the revival of old-school bachata music.
Born in the rural countryside near Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic, Joan Soriano fashioned his first guitar from a tin can and fishing line and has never looked back. Soriano plays steel string bachata with equal parts romance and grit. The Afro-infused rhythm that permeates his music has made him a favorite among dancers.
Joan`s first international release, El Duque de la Bachata, was recorded live in a Santo Domingo studio by iASO producer, Benjamin de Menil
1. Mi ultímo llanto
2. María Elena
3. Su lado de cama
4. Solo tú
5. Cal y arena
6. Amor de niño
7. Mal pensado
8. Mujeres Ajenas
9. La Mamandela
10. ¿Qué pasará mañana?
11. Lo que se da no se quita
12. Ay Belie
13. Vocales de amor (bonus)
Soriano`s music is gorgeous. He displays an emotionally powerful voice, versatility with bachata`s classic style of guitar playing, and compelling original compositions about love and loss."
- Deborah Pacini Hernandez, author "Bachata: a social history"
Soriano is the seventh of fifteen siblings. At an early age he had to forgo schooling to help his father in the fields, but his destiny was for music not agriculture. As a young boy, he made his first guitar from a discarded metal box and a fishing line and formed a band with his young brothers and sisters. Later he moved to Santo Domingo and nurtured his talent while working alongside some of the Dominican Republic`s greatest bachata musicians. Bachata is an important part of Dominican culture and draws upon a variety of musical influences from Africa, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean. Soriano is a practitioner of traditional palo and gaga, and he blends their Afro-Dominican percussive elements with bachata, imparting his music with down to earth spirit and dance-ability.
Soriano`s artistry preserves and expands on the Dominican musical tradition. He is the rare combination of new and authentic.