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Coleccion Romantica - Juan Luis Guerra

Titel : Coleccion Romantica

Artiest(en) : Juan Luis Guerra

Genre : Bachata, Merengue

Medium : Dubbel CD

Jaar : 2000

Label : Karen

€ 15,00


20-track dubbelCD verzamel met romantische liedjes van JLG.
Juan Luis Guerra takes another look at his long, successful career on Colección Romántica, a lavish, two-disc affair that finds the Dominican Republic native revisiting and remixing some of his most successful songs. The collection`s 20 tracks could have arguably fit on only one CD, especially considering that Guerra has already released a greatest-hits album. Still, this is a compulsively listenable affair, marked by Guerra`s trademark dabbling in jazz harmonies, African music, and pop flavors. The collection`s first five tracks--"Tú," "Razones," "Ay Mujer," "Quisiera," and "Amor de Conuco"--have been transformed from their original salsa and merengue versions into polished ballads. The trick works, and it sets the exotic, candlelit mood that figures throughout the album. Other hits such as "Burbujas de Amor" and "Bachata Rosa" have never sounded better, thanks to studio remastering. Even if Guerra`s previous hits albums are already in your library, Colección Romántica deserves a prime spot on the shelf.
1. Tu
2. Razones
3. Ay Mujer
4. Quisiera
5. Amor De Conuco
6. Amigos
7. Estrellitas Y Duendes (En Vivo)
8. Como Abeja Al Panal
9. Burbujas De Amor
10. Frio Frio
1. Bachata Rosa
2. Cuando Te Beso
3. Estrellitas Y Duendes
4. La Hormiguita
5. Vivire
6. Palomita Blanca
7. Amapola
8. Coronita De Flores
9. Senales De Humo
10. Testimonio
Romantic. Virtuous. Sweeping. These words can sincerely describe the gorgeous artwork of musician, composer, and singer Juan Luis Guerra and his release entitled Coleccion Romantica. With vivid color and vibrant passion, Guerra sings in Spanish a kind of music that reflects Latin culture so gracefully. Presented in beautiful packaging are 20 rich and warm melodies on two compact discs. Karen Records and Universal went with a superior and magical marketing strategy, bringing the music to life with a packaging appealing enough to persuade the listening audience to buy the record in retail stores. The music isn`t half-bad either. Just wonderful arrangements, lush guitars, charming flutes and wind instruments, and the heart of Latin music, Guerra`s awesome percussion players. Much of the material is performed with a heavenly ring and quite spiritual aura. Very tranquil and relaxing, this music is perfect for a backyard barbeque during a summer beach party or for a car ride down an ocean-side highway. Guerra`s voice is soulful, ethereal, and passionate, though he concentrates so successfully as to not belt out, but to sing with elegance and graceful flair. In this collection are 20 tremendously well-crafted songs that paint a delightful portrait of the two-decade-long singing career of Juan Luis Guerra.