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Bachata Roja: Acoustic Bachata from the Cabaret Era - various

Titel : Bachata Roja: Acoustic Bachata from the Cabaret Era

Artiest(en) : various

Genre : Bachata

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2007

Label : Iaso

€ 19,99


Bachata Roja: Acoustic Bachata from the Cabaret Era, prachtige compilatie op Iaso Records, 2007 release.
Bachata is a party music that comes from the Dominican Republic, and since the 1980s it has become a globally popular dance style... This disc explores bachata`s roots in the early 1960s to the early `80s, when it was still a primarily acoustic form, mixing the heart-piercing sentimentality of the bolero with dazzling, multi-layered guitar work similar to the Cuban guajira and Puerto Rican jibaro music... This is amazingly rich, satisfying music -- one of the finest historical Latin albums of the decade, packed with powerful performances from rare, hard-to-find records.
Three decades` worth of classic bachata cabaret music provides an instant education in the popular Dominican folk form for some, or a walk down memory lane for others. Bachata music flourished in the explosive era after the murder of Dominican dictator Rafael Trujillo in the early 1960s. While still alive, Trujillo frowned upon bachata and other guitar-oriented sounds, as the music of the hoi polloi. After his death, a defiant populace played, recorded, and listened to bachata with a vengeance. The lyrics are often naughty, juxtaposed with a gentle, romantic guitar backing, and will appeal to anyone with a sense of humor and an ear for melody. Recording information: 1962-1990
1. Muero contigo - Rafael Encarnación (2:46)
2. O la pago yo o la paga ella - Marino Perez (4:18)
3. La Muñeca - Eladio Romero Santos (2:58)
4. Equivocada - Blas Duran (2:27)
5. Ladrona - Felix Quintana (3:08)
6. Estoy aqui pero no soy yo - Juan Bautista (3:40)
7. Olvida ese hombre - Augusto Santos (2:39)
8. Si me la dan la cojo - Augusto Santos (3:51)
9. El Salón - Julio Angel (2:57)
10. Yo pagaré la cerveza - Julio Morales (3:30)
11. Amor del bueno - Ramón Cordero (2:54)
12. Esta noche me la llevo - Efraín Morel (2:57)
13. Mi Secreto - Leonardo Paniagua (4:14)
14. Asesina - Juan Bautista (2:40)