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Bachata Nation - Toby Love

Titel : Bachata Nation

Artiest(en) : Toby Love

Genre : Bachata

Medium : CD

Jaar : 07-2016

Label : Elegant

€ 16,90


TOBY LOVE`s nieuwe 2016 CD "Bachata Nation".
1. A New Year (Skit)
2. We Never Looking Back (feat. French Montana)
3. El Aire Que Respiro
4. No Hay Colores (feat. Judy Santos)
5. I Just Called
6. Love Airlines (Skit)
7. Mi Verano Love (feat. Fuego)
8. Vestida de Blanco
9. Amaneciendo
10. Loquito
11. Abrakadabra
12. No Le Eches la Culpa
13. Entra en Mi Vida (feat. Karlos Rose)
14. Faith (Interlude)
15. Ella Es
16. Sonando
17. Una Copa Dos Mujeres

A former member of the Dominican-American boy band Aventura, vocalist Toby Love performs a unique pop style that mixes R&B, hip-hop, and elements of the traditional Dominican musical form bachata. Dubbed "crunkchata," the music often features the Bronx, NY-based vocalist singing in Spanish as well as English. Citing such influences as Michael Jackson, R. Kelly, and Juan Luis Guerra, Love embarked on a solo career releasing Toby Love on Sony in 2006